Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The age old argument continues today. How can I determine which category the book I have just written should fit into? I suspect a portion of it should be assigned the craft label. The first section of the book is devoted to the step by step process of planning and building a unique vessel. There is a Construction Outline in the final pages of the book that covers the same ground with a less complicated project,

The intent of the book is twofold; one, to encourage and assist some of the reader in the construction of their own unique vessel, secondly, to expose all readers to the twenty-four images of my work. The discussion of the artistic principals at play in each of these vessels is compatible with treatment of the topic as found in an art book.

I am satisfied to have either descriptor applied to my book or if possible, the combination of both. I would be interested in your rational for placement of my book in one or both of these categories. A look at the book, Unique Vessels: How Are These Things Made? is made possible on an Amazon book page where the “look inside” feature is available.