Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project Pressure

There is nothing like a deadline to get me back on the job, the job I was describing to you a month ago. What happened you may ask?  I got caught up in publishing details of my autobiography that were resolved today and I'll give more details about that in another post.

Now back to the olive jar vessel and pressure.  I have felt a need to finish up this project after laying it out for you but now there is increased pressure to get a finished olive jar vessel to presented to my step daughter on her birthday in two weeks.  She has been a fan of my work and while visiting the other day expressed  interest in this particular piece.  So you see where the desire to get it finished is coming from.

As I worked on the piece this afternoon I decided it needed a cast resin extension on top.  Whoa!  That's adding to the pressure. Like the little steam locomotive in the children book, "I think I can . . I think I can . . I know I can . ., so I'll give it a try and hopefully, I'll have a photo to show you of the finished piece in two weeks.  Isn't it interesting how things change?  You just have to stay flexible.