Monday, April 7, 2014

My Olive Vessel is Finished!

If you have been following my three previous posts you will understand what this title means.  On the other hand, if this is your first contact with posts about Olive Vessels it may sound confusing.  Not to worry; you can go back and scan those previous posts first or forge ahead with me on this concluding edition.  In keeping with the characteristics of my "empty/promise" series, this vessel was built around an empty Olive Jar.  Now that the piece is finished the jar reference has been dropped from the title.

There are two important aspects of this art work, illustrated in the documentation of my progress toward the promise of a credible piece.  First was the emphasis on developing a sketch or plan of how you wanted to create this piece.  Work it out on paper before involving tools and materials.  

As you move forward with the creation it may become clear that changes are needed.  This is the second aspect I want to emphasize.  You are not locked into the original plan if you see an alteration that improves the design or is a positive change to construction processes.  So start with your best concept of the plan, but don't stick to it stubbornly if a change here or there would be an improvement.  I think the addition of an extended neck on my Olive Vessel, not in the original plan, is an improvement.  The question now rests with the viewer;  Has this empty olive jar been transformed into a promising vessel? 

Olive Vessel Details
Size:  7 1/2 inches high, 4 1/2 inches diameter
Material:  Red wood base and ring at neck, olive 
wood vertical strips in center, green cast resin 
between strips and as top extension of neck,
garnets set in pockets in olive strips.
Finish:  Clear resin over garnets, Oil finish on 
wood, paste wax on entire piece.